Two Elegant Rieslings for Winter

Originally written for Petito Wine Selections Blog, published 01/16/13

Riesling is a wine typically associated with summer, I know. But with winter well settled in and sunlight and warmth in short supply, a bit of summer may be just the thing to brighten our spirits. The right Riesling paired with a hearty meal can bring a delightful twist to the usual routine and develop a new appreciation for one of the most versatile and fascinating varietals of wine.

This time of year, the most popular choices tend to be full-bodied reds like California Cabernets, Argentine Malbecs, etc. These wines are fine seasonal choices due to cravings for comfort foods when the temperature drops below freezing. I know that I adore a great Cabernet as much as the next oenophile with a juicy rib-eye steak. These bold reds are classics for a reason, but there will be all winter to enjoy them.

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