Wine for Mom

Today I celebrate the special lady that gave me the gift of life. For those of you that know my Mother, Lele, the once and future Queen Bee of Washington Heights who is now living in exile in Florida, you know that she is quite the character.  Well, I guess I get it from SOMEWHERE!
My mother has worn many hats and served various jobs throughout my life. At times provider; other times nurturer, sometimes a coach, a personal chef as well as a judge and jury. Sometimes she is sweet and nurturing, other times acerbic and stern, but always loving and overflowing with class and grace no matter the circumstances. My Mother’s Day wine selections feature two very different but equally pleasing wines that remind me of Mom and her different sides.
The first selection is Chateau Valcombe Ventoux Rose 2012; which honors my mother’s feminine elegance with a dry finish to match her sense of humor. This dry, estate-bottled, beautifully pink Rosé is a blend of Grenache Noir (60%), Cinsault (20%), Carignan (10%) and a touch of Clairette (10%). The vines are 40-years old on average. It is bone dry and features a refreshing and bracing acidity with a fine, long finish. It does show surprising backbone for a Rosé so this wine that will suit different kinds of Mother’s day lunches; either a picnic with soft cheeses and spring salads or at an upscale lunch of Thai food or shell fish. At $14.99 this wine also highlights another of my mother’s favorite things: A great deal.
My second choice highlights the sweet, unconventional, and sassy side of Mamma Lele who like this wine also comes from Northern Italy.  Alasia Brachetto D’Acqui is an unusual find and is ostensibly the red answer to Moscato.  Its hue is dark pink and it has the taste of raisins and ripe strawberries on the front with a surprisingly light effervescent finish and a sassy acidic lilt. In short, it makes for ridiculously easy drinking and is downright addictive, much like my Mom’s pasta frolla dessert, a huge, rich butter cookie and marmalade tart which would balance this tasty wine perfectly. At $10 and just under 7% alcohol , I will definitely buy at least two bottles.
Wanna see me how to make a classic dish from my mother's hometown in Italy?

Happy Mother’s Day!