Moncontour Cremant Rose

Now that we are in the festive home stretch of the holidays, I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Nothing gets me going quite like memories of New Years’ past. Every year had its own sensibility and underlying theme. I remember the first New Year’s Eve when I was allowed to go to a party without my folks. It was magic. That feeling of luxury coupled with celebratory abandon was encapsulated perfectly in the midnight toast. The anticipation, the count down, and the “POP” of corks was sublime. (In the name of good taste I wont take that metaphor any further.)

Every year had its own special toast and sparkling beverage.  Whether it was Dom Perignon in my roaring twenties or Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame in my wry thirties when I was on top of the world, each year had its own story.

Through a series of wild events and seemingly random occurrences, I was reminded of what really matters in life. Titles are fleeting, money comes and goes, and friendship, family, substance without pretense and enjoyment in my work are what matter most to me now.

 This year, I am choosing to serve Moncontour Cremant De Loire Rose. It is at once festive, refined, minerally, floral, and bone dry. It also is the perfect statement for the past year. Its the ideal wine for me on a number of levels. First it will pair exquisitely with the Malpeque oysters and salmon roe I intend to gorge on in celebration of my 39th New Years Eve. Impressive on the nose, with a crisp balance of acidity and flinty undertone; it will also compliment my mature taste in shellfish. It is also versatile enough to pair with whatever dessert my guests will grace me with.

Much like my experiences of this past year, at $17.99 this elegant sparkling wine has all of the substance of its Champagnois counterparts, and none of the inflated price tag.

So I can enjoy it with those who matter most to me, in abundance and I can save a few pennies for something else of substance I can look forward to: My wedding.

And, just like my favorite Cremant, I also met my fiancée at Vines On Pine.

I wish you all joy, good health, and wealth in the coming year.

Happy New Year!