Wine Tasting #Haiyan Relief

haiyan relief.jpg

Friends I wanted to reach out and appeal to our sense of global community and compassion. Very often it is easy to take my day-to-day blessings for granted, and grumble about the inconveniences and annoyances that can get under my skin around the holiday season.

Typhoon Haiyan brought everything into sharp focus. People are hurting, and desperately could use a helping hand.  So why not make some merriment, have some fantastic food and wine, and raise some money and help ease their hardship

So what do you say we meet up on December 7th at Kitchen NYC, have 4 great wines, and some DELICIOUS paired bites, and try and make some merriment for a good cause. WIN/WIN!

For $59, you will get 4 wines, great food, and make a donation to the HAIYAN relief.