From May 1-8 my wife and I will lead 12 guests on a tour of the food and wine of the Amalfi and Cilento coasts. We'll learn to cook in the farmhouse kitchen of a Baronessa, taste wine on the Cilento coast and sail to Capri on a private boat. Reserve your spot now.

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A Seven Course Feast for the 99%

To preview our Discover Irpinia wine trip, I have pairings for you and a chance to taste a bit of Irpinia here in New York City. This Saturday December 6th my wife and I are hosting Feast of the Seven Fishes Cooking Class and Wine Tasting in midtown Manhattan. The Feast of the Seven Fishes has it roots in Southern Italy, so in keeping with my philosophy of “what grows together goes together.” I've paired some great wines from Irpinia and the South to match these dishes.

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Amp up your Summer BBQ with a wine pairing

Being a native New Yorker of Italian and Argentine parentage, I was indoctrinated from birth to worship the sacred asado or barbecue. As such, I live for summer sunshine and warm—no, hot, even—temperatures at which most other city-dwellers would cringe. Standing over a fiery grill, flipping meat like it’s my birthright (which it basically is) is my way to spend a weekend. And instead of chilling some white wine and mixing up a pitcher of sangria, I go one further with a wine tasting menu for my cookout.

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Top 10 Alternatives to Santa Margherita

Nothing draws the ire of a wine geek like someone coming into a wine store, asking for a big box brand like Santa Margherita, then being sneered at by a label conscious customer when we recommend something better and less expensive.

In fairness, their logic seems fairly sound on the surface: Santa Margherita is the best selling brand of Pinot Grigio, and it's expensive, so it's got to be the best value.

What does this wine geek know anyway? He's probably jusyt trying to stick me with something that is not selling.

Channeling Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction: Allow me to retort.

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Petito's 2008 Split Rock Sonoma Pinot Noir

 2008 Split Rock Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is my favorite varietal of wine. There, I’ve said it. Along with that designation though, comes scrutiny. I’m very critical of pinot noir.

 It is not easy to craft good pinot noir. It is equal parts art and science. This delicate, thin-skinned grape needs a balance of sunlight, and cool breezes, the right soil, and just enough water.


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